All about Programming

Computer programming is not an easy thing at all in fact you have to keep a lot of factors in mind before you actually get into programming. A clear concept is what you need to get the very best out of Programming.

We all know that the computer is no good on it’s own and that a computer software or an operating system breathes life in to the hardware. There are various languages that are used to write computer programmers which are nothing but a set of logical instructions that help the computer to perform a particular task.


Introduction to Computer programming

As we have already understood that a program is an assimilation of instructions arranged in way to produce a specific outcome. The task of writing programs is not easy at all and it takes a programmer to have a lot of knowledge in writing programs that are flawless. The instructions given out by the programs go directly to the CPU and the computer is able to perform those activities. The program actually compels the computer to complete a designated task.

Factors that need attention while writing a computer Program

The logic of the program should be maintained

To get a successful outcome the logic of the program needs to be sorted out. The logic is designed as per the programming language. The logic has to be prepared well in advance in fact before the process of coding is initiated. A flow chart is the best option to plan the logic or even an algorithm will be very helpful.

Segregating a program into smaller functions

The good news is that a lot of programs will provide you with the chance to segregate programs into small functions. These functions are created by using least amount of instructions. The functions are so created so that they are re-used on multiple chances

The syntax is very vital at all times

Programs tend to display errors because the syntax is not correct. You will find certain programs that have a feature to scan the program for syntax errors. Preparing a prototype of the program will allow you analyze whether you have used the right syntax or not.

Keeping the codes as short as possible is wise thing to do

In order to get the program to function at a faster rate you should try to keep the codes very small. Programmers tend to make programs complicated with many instructions and that is when the chances of errors occurring increase and this can be well avoided with smart coding. You can also utilize the built in functions to speed up the program.

Some other factors that need to be paid attention to

Assigning proper names to the functions and variables make the entire process of writing codes much simpler. If the names defy logic then things will get very complicated and errors might occur.

So it is crystal clear that writing a computer program is not like a walk in the park and having sufficient knowledge in Computer programming languages is a must; and only if you have the right knowledge you can go about by yourself. If you do not have a lot knowledge in Computer programming then you could hire out a company that will write a program for you. Before you go out and hire a company you should do quite a bit of research. So make full use of the internet and locate reliable companies that will provide you with exactly what you want. Short list a couple of companies and compare prices and the services that being offered.

More on Computer Programming


Much has been said about Programming and there may not be more to add, buy I want to explain this in a simple way so that everyone can understand this well. Let us see if I succeed in doing so as Computer Programming is not at all an easy subject to be explained in simple words!

What is Computer Programming?

Programming is a process that includes origination of a computing and then implementation of this program in real. This means creating a problem and then executing is its main task but it also involves analysis, developing and understanding of about generation algorithms, verification of algorithms, and them implementing them in the required languages. Talking about languages brings us to another discussion that of C, Smalltalk, Lisp, JavaScript, Fortran, Python and Ruby to name a few.

Related obligations

Along with all the above mentioned chores a programmer is also supposed to look into coding, maintenance, debugging, and testing of their programs. This is often described as an art, engineering or a craft but Computer Programming is surely based on rationale and logical synchronization for good.

History of Computer Programming

Some believe Charles Babbage to be the father of computing and yet some believe that Ada Lovelace was the first ever computer programmer. By 1896 Herman Hollerith started working on recording data and he came up with Tabulating Machine Company that would become the core of IBM! Then there came a time when two machines would read two different assembly languages that was used to translate instructions in text format. Then came the time in 1954 when ‘Formula Translation’ or FORTRAN was introduced and there after COBOL. So the transition from punch cards to Ruby was not that easy as it took quite some time to be developed.

Duties of a Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is responsible for running the entire global economy. Today our lives are so much dependent on computers that we rely right from buying appliances to maintaining them. We make online purchases and get in touch with manufacturers via the internet because of them. Here is list that defines their duties well:

  1. Writing programs – This is the basic duty of each and every computer programmer that is to write programs. Once done they are these programs are to be tested and also maintained in the long run which also happens to be their duty.
  1. Planning programs – This is the first thing that a computer programmer is expected to do, plan programs. This is done by getting the right codes in place for developing applications. They also assist with software modeling and planning for best results.
  1. Repair – Programmers can debug but if there is a need to repair the system they can also do that by making changes in codes and re-evaluating operation systems. This means they can also patch operational problems whenever needed.
  1. Upgrade – A computer programmer can also upgrade applications keeping it in sync with the latest technical development. In other words they can improve the existing systems for good!

This not only justifies why hiring a computer programmer is beneficial for all but also the need for computer programming as well.

Update Yourself through Computer Programming

Computer programming has become an integral part of every business with the growing technology. Increase in the need of software and online presence has led to high employment rate in software industry all over the globe. In order to be at par with industry, a software developer must be well aware of latest updates. Being a software expert, one needs to be updated regularly with latest software updates.

You will get numerous ways to learn new languages or update your knowledge on several software programs and learn about computer programming.


Languages of Computer Programming:                                                                                        

There are various computer programming languages. To know these, first learning of one language is very essential. After that it will be easier to know the others one by one. Not only that in this case learning of one language will be able to make easy the other. Through the unique features and options of different programming languages one can be more knowledgeable and capable of creating more qualitative and awesome software. So it is very essential to learn about computer programming. Among the lots of programming languages some are old and a few of them are quite new ones. But every one of them is as effective as the other. They are Basic, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic. NET, Fortan, Pascal, Assembly, C#. net, and so many others. Literally, all of the languages are in demand but is very popular and demanding in IT field. But to be familiar with all of these languages learning of the basic language is very essential and for that to be acquainted with the language Basic (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) is highly effective. By learning the quite easy Basic language one may be capable of creating some unique WINDOWS applications. Not only that, one may create some games also by applying its free versions available in the internet for download. So, once one has learnt the Basic and creation of different games with the use of it he/she is capable for learning of other powerful languages gradually. That is why it is very important to learn about computer programming.

Steps involved in learning the languages

To learn the languages quickly and be a master of these one has to go through five steps which are as follows; make a plentiful collection of fruitful material, scan the main points by removing the unimportant, make the information set in for easy access, implement some trial experiments and finally make a review of so far have been done.

Necessity for learning of computer programming

Computer programming is nothing but the creation of a series of commands that allows the computer for performing actions. By the programming languages the computer programmers communicate with the computer. It is noteworthy to mention that a command of one language cannot be exchanged by the command of another language. But to operate computer all of them are very useful. Once learning it one can be knowledgeable about how software can be created or computer performs programming. In the IT field it has a great potential in computer programming skill; as it opens the scope of different lucrative jobs. In other technical fields this skill is also very demanding. For that one may obtain certificate or achieve an actual degree from online colleges or institutions. By making different games and utilities for own computer one may enjoy fun and he/she may earn money by selling them online. Truly speaking, as this era has exposed itself with the specific language required for computer so it will be foolishness to keep oneself ignorant of this language required for programming. For that, knowing this technical language is highly essential to update yourself for this era.

All you need to learn about computer programming


Introduction to Computer programming

It is observed that those people that work in the field of computer programming they have to have certain characteristics. When these characteristics are combined with higher education these characteristic actually help person to gain success. The computer programmers can complete a number of tasks because of the characteristics that they posses.

The advantages of PHP Learning

Now PHP is a language that is used to write all the websites on the internet.. this is perfect for website development as it generates HTML and they can be embedded. The code will then be implemented using a server to create HTML that is again sent to a client. The client will have no idea what the HTML code is all about. This will allow eb users to produce HTML as per the instructions in the PHP script and all of this can be done without imposing the technicalities to the users. As a user you can get a lot out of this language and some of them are listed below.

Processing text

It is not a coincidence that PHP is the language that is chosen for the internet as it is fully loaded with certain functions that can process text. A built in function can actually stop you from putting in so much hard work in counting letters or words in a very long post. This also has the ability to capitalize all the first alphabets in every sentence. You can edit texts in every single way you can even do away with curses send from the user’s posts.

You can handle the various web addresses with ease

You may sometimes wonder how you see the right kind of data every time you click on a webpage and how sometimes the same webpage displays different text to different users. This logic is handled very well by PHP.

You can interact with the users quite a bit

The good thing about PHP is that it allows you to interact very closely with the users and it also allows the users to interact smoothly with the websites and their respective applications in every possible way. From adding information from your address book to collecting important data from various polls and surveys.

You can use the database for excess information

A website usually has enormous amount of data in it and sometimes it becomes impossible to even store everything. For instance data collected from the various social media sites can be a problem when it comes to storing them but thanks to PHP databases you can now store huge volumes of data.

Creating amazing graphics

With PHP you will have access to certain specialized graphics and libraries and you can use the material from here to create beautiful graphics. With PHP you can actually create a website in more than one way. You can learn the language by enrolling in a tutorial.

So you see that in the world or programming you have to go through PHP learning.

Is Learning PHP Worth It?

You’re curious and you want to take this opportunity to become a web developer, or perhaps work with website building teams. You’re asking this question because you’re concerned of its future. You want to learn a programming language that’s going to be future-proof. Programming languages or to be more accurate for PHP, scripting languages come and go. Some of them stole the limelight while others only lasted a few moments of fame. Unfortunately, there are even others that weren’t able to stir the attention of developers and simply got ignored or in other words, they come and go without even being noticed. But I can say that PHP will last and stay here for a while. For you who don’t like to read a long post, TL;DR PHP is worth learning and mastering this language will take you far and make you famous (if you became a guru) for decades to come, well as of 2014.

What Makes You Think PHP is Worth Learning?

There are dozens of reasons to explain and defend my argument. Ask people in forums, you’ll get 80% yes. Ask people in, you’ll get the same answer. Do your research and see how many websites uses WordPress, Magento and Drupal as their CMS. Take a look at the statistics of PHP usage over the web. Still not convinced? What should I do to convince you? Is statistics not enough? Fine, let me explain it myself.

PHP as an Scripting Language

The primary use of PHP is for server-side scripting. It can handle form data, set cookies, interact with a database, and “talk” to other services using hundreds of protocols. It also enables you to create a powerful, fast and dynamic websites that is secured, robust and efficient. With PHP, you can alter a webpage, drop some JavaScript or create a custom CSS.

In addition to that, most of the popular open-source e-commerce platforms use PHP and very few have been breached. WordPress is entirely built using PHP and MySQL combo and they’ve been strong and running for years. They even earned the reputation for being the most used open-source CMS on the web.

Though PHP has its own flaws, its developers and the community is continually working to make it more robust. The upcoming release, PHP 7 (as of November 2014) promises up to 100% increase in performance as well as a number of bug fixes.

PHP as a Source of Income

While there is a couple of new server side scripting languages like Ruby on Rails and Java as well as the good old ASP.NET, PHP remains to be used by over 75% of websites online. Therefore, as a PHP expert, you can easily find freelancing jobs; you can even land a permanent job on a web development firm. Being a PHP expert, you can easily find gigs online. Though you might also want to learn Java because it’s an all-purpose, all platform programming language. And no, I’m not advertising it, I’m a huge PHP fan.

What is PHP?

PHP actually means PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It’s a recursive acronym. It’s a server-side scripting language created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. This is the language you want to learn and use if you primarily want to develop web applications and web frameworks. A notable platform using PHP is WordPress, combining it with HTML, CSS and JavaScript; it was able to produce a web application that allows end users to create and establish their own website or online presence with minimal to no coding knowledge at all.

If you are an aspiring web developer, beside HTML, CSS and JavaScript as your basic knowledge, you are required to have a solid understanding of server-side scripting. However, unlike the three we mentioned, server-side scripting comes in different flavors. What do I mean with that? I mean there’s more to choose from, unlike for web design where there is a specific standard language that you need to learn. When it comes to web development and server side scripting, you can choose different languages. There are Java, PHP and Ruby among others. But the most popular is PHP.

In order to get started on any server side scripting you’ll need a platform to work off of. You can use a cloud based service like heroku. The other option is to buy a relatively inexpensive virtual private server (VPS) or you can use a dedicated server but those tend to be a bit more expensive.

Uses of PHP

PHP has a lot of uses and it can also be used as a general-purpose programming language. However, it’s most widely used for server-side scripting.

Server-side scripting is the most traditional use of PHP and it’s primarily designed with that in mind. All you need to make PHP work is the PHP parser, which can be a CGI or server module, a web server and a web browser. If you’re an aspiring web developer, you must know that there are several ways of setting up a local server in your home PC. Some possible solutions that you can find online are the LAMP, WAMP and XAMPP stacks. These solutions comes packages with apache, MySQL and PHP.

PHP can also be used for command line scripting. That means all you need is the PHP parser, nothing more. You can easily use this side of PHP for executing cron tasks on Linux and schedule tasks for Windows. It can also be used for simple text processing.

The least and probably the rarest use of PHP are writing desktop applications. Though PHP is mostly used for the web, it can also be used as a general-purpose programming language. That means you can write desktop application using PHP, that is, if you’re a true master and you know how to use all of the advanced features of the programming language. However, you use a separate version of PHP for writing desktop apps and that’s called PHP-GTK. This is an extension to PHP and it’s not available in the main distribution. They have their own website, separate from and if you want to write desktop apps, you should go there.

In addition to that, PHP is also capable of talking to other services through the use of protocols like LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, COM (for windows) and tons of others. It will also allow you to open raw network sockets and interact with any other protocol. Pretty diverse, eh?